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  • Social Media
    From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, social media sites can provide a lot of traffic and word of mouth advertising for your site. For me, even though I haven't worked these sites to their fullest potential, I still get traffic from them. Getting your pages bookmarked in some of these sites can bring in a flood of traffic overnight, while most of this traffic will be temporary, you can get a lot of sign-ups to your newsletter and different follow-up lists. While not exactly in the same group, I have had some success with YouTube videos which also bring in targeted traffic. Don't ignore these social media and video sites in your traffic strategies.
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  • SEO Services
    The majority of the traffic to my sites comes from the search engines, mainly Google. It is my high rankings for my targeted keyword phrases which brings in the most and the best quality traffic to my sites. Get the SEO right and build a lot of quality one-way links from related sites and you will get the traffic. Another tactic, don't just create a website with only 10 or 20 pages - create one with 1000 to 5000 pages. I know this takes time but consider your site like a long-term business which you will keep building for years. Produce plenty of quality content and you will get plenty of quality visitors in return.
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  • Fresh Ideas For Your Success
    There are some simple principles that you need to follow if you want your website to have a good ranking. Your website must contain high-quality; useful, timely content that people will actually want to read and take a next-step action on. Structure your website by theme and topic, and do not put irrelevant data. It is better to have more pages with less content per page, as compared to few pages with loads of content. Do not place pages too deep in the structure; keep them closer to the root directory. Use titles well to define the page, and also the meta-data to describe it. The URLs should be logical, as per the theme of the page. Also do not bloat your pages with code, try to keep it simple. If you combine these simple pointers with good keyword density and placement, then you will definitely improve your rankings.
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Affordable SEO Services & Website Development

CH Web Media is an emerging website development, custom website design & online marketing (SEO) company based in California. CH Web Media is your web partner which provides you with a wide range of web based services.

Getting Started with CH Web Media:

In today’s competitive world, we need a presence on WWW (World Wide Web) to be competitive in market to reach wide audience which is active on Web. We need a way to communicate with our customers and to give them the complete information about services and products we offer. This does not mean to create a website and just leave it for the customers to find and access the information. But you need a complete web solution which gives you a platform to interact with your customer and audience.

CH Web Media provides custom website design, web & development and SEO services. We provides customized solutions irrespective of what business you are in, and make sure that you get a complete website solution as per your requirement. CH Web Media works and delivers solutions which help you to communicate better, achieve your business objectives smarter and get additional advantage over your competitors.

Why CH Web Media?

CH Web Media provides end to end web solutions and believes in blending experience with technology and providing best market awareness solutions to your clients. We employ professionals from different technologies to help the customers in getting the right start and provide consulting services in order to give new paradigm to our customer requirements. CH Web Media works online as well as meets its client on regular basis to understand their needs and provide optimized web solutions. We understand the financial aspect and always maintain efficiency to provide best solutions at best possible prices.

Website Development Process

• We gather information needed to create your website

• We design a sample design and modify it until you are happy with it

• Our website developers will be on-hand to answer any of your questions

• We use the chosen website design to create a website frame and layout

• We customize the cart system to match the website (if the site has a cart)

• We setup the website and cart system on the main web server

• We submit your website to targeted search engines and directories

• We consult with you about the end product, and process feedback from you

• We provide future advice on specific issues and updates regarding your website




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